Thursday, October 5

Sleeping Beauty

Well what do you know I can sleep after all.  As you know I have been having problems trying to get any sleep at all for a little while now but for some unknown reason I managed to get about 9 hours sleep last night with only one wake up for some light relief then straight back to the land of nod.  I was tired around 10pm which is about usual and decided to turn off the light and turn down the TV and try and get some sleep and the next thing I know it was 3am and time for a pee.  This is usually it for me once I have woken up I never get back to sleep but surprise surprise my head hit the pillow and I was out like a light.  I think it has made a difference today as I seem to have a bit more energy but not so much that I can do anything with it mind you.

My eye has been a bit irritable today, not sore as such or painful, it’s a feeling like I have some foreign object stuck in between my lid and eye.  It’s still a ghostly shade of red and subject to some strange looks when I was at my most favourite food store this evening.

I decided after last weeks outing to Tesco’s and the sheer amount of bodies whether staff or customers that were getting in  my way, that Friday afternoon might not be a good time to go shopping and that Me and my Helper Tara would try to navigate our way around this evening instead.  Well I’m happy to say that it was a lot quieter although the shelves were a bit emptier as it looked like the shelf filling staff weren’t due in en mass until a bit later on.  We managed to get pretty much everything that we needed for the week and no doubt a load of stuff we really didn’t need at all but just had to have.  I’m a sucker for a bargain whether I need it or not.  All went a bit too smooth really, that is until we were on our way back to the car, which incidentally I managed to pull straight into one of the 5 empty Disabled Parking Bays so I cant even rant about that,  when the trolley attached to the front of the wheelchair came to a sudden halt nearly throwing me over the top.  She’d only gone and pushed me HEAD ON into a Bollard, not just caught it either, smack bang in the middle of the trolley leaving a nice big dent.  “I didn’t see it coming “she said, well I didn’t realise they actually moved as far as I was aware they were actually concreted into the pavement.  I think she is trying to bump me off on the quiet but many have tried and failed so “GO ON, GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT”!!!

I might try out my other new toy tomorrow.  Its all Peter’s fault as he quite often mentions Ironing in his Blog.  Well up till now there has been no way I could stand up and do any ironing not that I’m complaining too loudly mind you.  But I thought that maybe there is a way I can at least do a little and therefore ease the burden a bit on Judith.  So I went and bought a Steam Press which has its own stand too.  I can sit on the chair and press away to my hearts content and it shouldn’t cause me any breathing problems as there is very little movement involved.  I tried it out the other day when it arrived and it seems to go a much better job and in less than half the time too so could be a good thing, I will have to let you know.

See Ya!!


Peter said...

Steam prtess sounds good - kets have a photo!

Anonymous said...

Yo cous

Message for Peter... Don't encourage him not another photo!!mind you i would have liked to see the pic of the bollard incident though ha ha

It's you that breaks the tesco's trolleys then is it John. No wonder you never rant about that one if you are the culprits ha ha ha
Sorry about Wednesday... Missed you was not too good. but another day...another time. and i will be singing and dancing. (i know i couldn't do that before)!!
Take care cous

Fav cous

Anonymous said...

ps me again (cous)